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8 Elements of a High Performing Health Score

As customer success has grown into a critical corporate function for SaaS organizations, CSMs have turned to data and metrics to make strategic decisions for their customers. Over the years, however, so many metrics have become critical to this decision-making that it now requires multiple products and platforms just to keep things straight.

This is where the Customer Health Score comes into play. A Customer Health Score combines multiple data sources into a single number to provide a unique look at customer health.

Let’s take a look at the eight categories of data to explore and questions to ask for each when designing your health score:

  1. Engagement: Are your customers actively engaged with the partnership? Do key customer stakeholders engage with your brand and company? What is the most effective method of engagement for specific customers?
  2. Usage: Are eligible end-users using the platform or technology? Are all the customer user licenses assigned? What does good product usage look like for your customers, and where does this particular customer fall on this scale?
  3. Adoption: What features and/or functionality is the customer using on the platform? Is the customer using all the parts of the platform they are paying for? What about other functionality that could be used but isn’t?
  4. Billing and Contract Terms: Is the customer up to date on all their bills and payments? Is there an outstanding balance that isn’t paid? What do the contract terms look like regarding opt-out, renewals, and upsells? Has legal ever had to step in to ensure bills are paid on time?
  5. Relationship: Do you, as the CSM, have relationships with contacts at all levels of the organization? Do multiple people on your internal team or at your company have relationships with different customer organizations?
  6. Sentiment: How does your customer feel about your brand? Are they happy to be working with an organization like yours? How does the customer feel about your people, products, and processes?
  7. Advocacy: Is the customer willing to participate in any reference efforts through customer marketing initiatives or other partner programs? Would the customer recommend your product or services? Have they reviewed your product publicly?
  8. Customer Journey: How long has the organization been a customer? Where are they in the customer journey? How are they progressing from one stage of the customer lifecycle to the next?

Learn more about the Customer Health Score

A Customer Health Score compiles multiple different data sources and metrics into a single, easy-to-understand score to help CSMs, department leaders, and executives pinpoint the overall health of a customer without having to access all of this data at every moment. ClientSuccess makes it easy to gather these different data points into a single platform for complete transparency into customer efforts.

You can learn more about compiling a Customer Health Score and ClientSuccess with these additional resources:

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