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7 Customer Success Platform Features You May Be Missing Out On

A lot has been said about the shift to cloud and SaaS-based vendors over the last few years, and this trend is alive and well in the customer success sector. Platforms and solutions designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of every single part of a CSM’s interaction with customers are now readily available to customer success teams.

As customer success platforms have grown over the last few years, they have expanded to encompass multiple different parts of the customer experience. Simply put, customer success platforms now go way beyond the CRM tools of yesteryear. Depending on the customer success platform your team is using, you could be missing out on key features that are designed to increase customer sentiment and satisfaction.

Here are a few customer success platform features you might be missing out on with your current solution:

1. Communication and engagement tracking that keeps all of your conversations (both internally and with customers) in one place. Instead of copying or BCC-ing from email providers, your team should be able track all relevant communication in a single portal.

2. A real-time customer health tracker that aggregates relevant data (like customer success platform usage rates, adoption, feedback, engagement, and more) into a single, easily accessible score.

3. Customer journey planning built directly into your customer success platform that ensures your team is delivering a clear, consistent customer experience for customers regardless of where they are in their account relationship.

4. Revenue and upsell management that can help CSMs track where accounts are performing based on revenue metrics to make it easier to plan and prepare for renewal and upsell conversations.

5. Integration with leading CRMs to extend the visibility and transparency between customer success and sales teams which, traditionally, can set the tone for the relationship between a customer and an account management team

6. Product usage rates available directly in your customer success platform rather than in a product portal so that CSMs and other stakeholders can have a real-time pulse on usage and engagement.

7. Slack integration with your customer success platform that automatically syncs notes or updates from Slack into customer profiles for easy collaboration and visibility.

One of the most exciting benefits of cloud-based customer success platforms is the ability for customer success teams to ‘turn on’ new features and functionality these platforms introduce. Many times, customer success platform vendor teams will work directly with CSM users and customer accounts to discuss new functionality they’d like to see down the line.

Ready to learn more?

If any of the above features sound like they would be the perfect fit for your organization or your customers, let’s chat! The team of customer success platform experts at ClientSuccess are standing by to help you figure out the best way to implement some of the above features for your team and customers. You can learn more and get started here.

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