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5 TOP Resources for Your Customer Success Team

As SaaS organizations and their customers slowly but surely get used to the ‘new normal’ that 2020 ushered in, customer success managers and team leaders are more focused than ever before. As your team heads into 2021, staying on top of industry trends, innovations, and best practices will be key to maintaining the high level of customer service your accounts now expect while continuing to grow and expand your internal team’s development and education.

5 resources to set your CSMs up for success

Luckily for customer success teams, there is no shortage of resources available. The modern SaaS customer success community is incredibly vocal and supportive with sharing their vast knowledge and insight with others. Here are a few of our current favorites:

1. The ClientSuccess CSM From the Trenches Blog Series

Is there a better way to learn about different customer success approaches than from those who have actually been there? We may be biased, but the CSM From the Trenches blog series is one of our favorite recurring content series. Featuring real-world CSMs with real-world challenges, CSM From the Trenches offers a case study-like look at customer issues and presents an actionable solution to these common situations.

2. The Human Duct Tape Show Podcast

Hosted by five-time Chief Customer Officer Jeanne Bliss, the Human Duct Tape podcast is the best of both worlds: engaging podcast and customer success strategy. Jeanne interviews other customer success leaders to present a thoughtful, timely look at topics like establishing a customer-focused company culture, putting customers first, and dealing with transformation within an organization.  

3. The Customer Success Community online forum

At the end of the day, every CSM knows that the only people who can truly commiserate and understand their daily challenges and success are, in reality, other CSMs. Online forums like the Customer Success Community offers a dedicated space for any CSM to share their story, get feedback and responses, and see what other CSMs are up to. There are tons of message boards out there, but this is one that is constantly updated and full of great resources.

4. The 2020 Customer Success Trends Toolkit

Everyone loves a good toolkit, especially customer success managers. Toolkits combine industry trends, metrics, and data with actionable steps for success, making them a key resource for any customer success team looking for continued success. The 2020 Customer Success Trends toolkit takes a look back at some of the biggest trends and resources from the year and offers a unique look at how CSMs and customer success leaders can leverage these insights in future strategic planning.

5. The Customer Success Association

One of the only professional associations dedicated 100% to customer success, the CSA is a great resource for customer success professionals looking to network and expand their career. From incredibly detailed resources and content to an entirely customer success-focused job board, the CSA should be at the top of every CSMs bookmark list.

What other resources does your team use?

These are just a handful of resources available to CSMs, team leaders, and executives. What other resources is your team using for continued education and success?

Here are some additional resources from ClientSuccess:

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