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3 Considerations When Selecting Your Customer Success Platform

Customer success is one of the most important – and fastest-growing – factors of today’s SaaS business models. More and more companies are looking to customer success teams to help guide their overarching business strategy (even in sales, marketing, and product) and to help manage and cultivate long-term account growth. In order to achieve these goals, however, customer success teams must be involved in multiple different areas of a business, which can often lead to confusion and be overwhelming.

This is where customer success platforms come into the picture. These team-specific solutions help customer success teams access the tools and solutions they need to build strong, long-term customer relationships.

As your team thinks about investing in a new customer success platform to help take your customer accounts to a new level, here are three considerations to keep in mind:

Consideration #1: Visibility into all of your customer success metrics

First and foremost, customer success is an industry of relationships. A close second, however, is metrics. Customer success professionals must be able to define what a ‘successful’ customer account looks like and track their overarching metrics back to these benchmarks. When you’re considering a customer success platform, metric tracking is a key feature to think about because it can help your team clearly visualize the line between challenge and opportunity.

Consideration #2: Clear organization of customer accounts and responsibilities

Every day, CSMs are dealing with multiple clients, issues, and fires that cause them to run in a million different directions. Organization and tracking are key components of any CSM toolkit, and the right customer success platform can deliver these needs in spades. From keeping running meeting notes and managing outstanding tasks to forecasting upsell potential and tracking revenue changes, your customer success platform should become your team’s single source of truth for all things customer success.

Consideration #3: Engagement tracking and input across the entire organization

Customer success has the unique benefit of addressing and informing all aspects of a modern SaaS business, from finance to sales to marketing. Because customer success has become so critical, it’s now imperative for customer success leaders to share the visibility and impact of a team’s engagements with customers with the rest of an organization. This is important because it both keeps other departments and teams on track with their goals as well as showcases the importance of customer success to a company at-large.

Ready to get started with your perfect customer success platform? The customer success experts at ClientSuccess are here to answer any questions you might have about managing customers, growing recurring revenue, and trackinag success metrics. You can get started by scheduling your personal consultation here.  

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