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2019 CS100 Sponsor Spotlight: SuccessHACKER

As a management consulting and training organization, SuccessHACKER deals in all things post-sales. Founded in 2015 by Andrew Marks and Todd Eby, SuccessHACKER focuses on helping companies of all shapes and sizes increase customer lifetime value, customer satisfaction, and expansion opportunities. They are well known for their SuccessCOACHING training program, which is entirely focused on education and enablement of post-sales teams. 

SuccessHACKER was born out of an idea that still hasn’t come into fruition. Along with his partner Todd Eby, Andrew decided that, with decades of customer success experience behind them, they would write an industry book on the topic. 

While researching their book, Andrew and Todd quickly realized that there was so much out there in the customer success world – way too much for professionals to learn and understand quickly – that this maybe wasn’t the best approach. They also didn’t want to be too hypothetical or vague about any customer success strategies or approaches. They wanted to focus on the execution, operation, and the results of advice, which presented a quick pivot into starting a business. 

Today, SuccessHACKER provides consulting, operations, and training for customer success teams. One of their biggest hits is a customer success coaching program, which is laid out as a 12-week online coaching course, combining online learning with weekly live coaching webinars. This format allows attendees to dig deep into relevant content to understand the process and reasoning behind them and meet weekly with a former operational executive who helps to “connect the dots” between those concepts and their daily work flow.

Understanding a Changing Industry

Whether it’s a company looking to build its first customer success team or a well-established organization that is looking for an outside perspective on their processes, SuccessHACKER can help. Many times, customer success leaders are simply buried beneath too many details to realize the opportunities that are in front of them. 

When looking at trends and fads in the customer success industry, Andrew cites education as a top driver of recognition and respect. Companies and boards alike are becoming more and more aware that sustaining revenue quickly outpaces bringing in new revenue, which is the bread and butter of customer success. While sales might get people in the door, customer success keeps them engaged and coming back for more. 

The industry as a whole is moving towards a new proactive make-up, which includes the automation of some processes and procedures. Instead of simply replacing all FTEs to make room for automation, technology is making it possible for these people to do their jobs more efficiently. 

Another trend in the industry is the patience of executives and board members. According to Andrew, while the tenure of customer success leaders was hovering around 11 months a few years ago, this number has drastically decreased. Executives and board members are more accepting of the fact that it can take 10 months to just get onboarded, especially if you are in a senior leadership role. Customer success leaders are sticking around for more, which means they can establish better processes and get more done.  

Moving forward, Andrew believes that the customer success industry is only going to grow and expand at the same crazy pace it’s at. More and more companies are starting to realize the need for customer success-trained team members, and while there are more than 50,000 open positions in the customer success world, these will start to fill up. A steady stream of people from roles that are tangential to customer success will be moving over, and there will be plenty of job opportunities available to them when they get here. 

Getting Ready for CS100

The SuccessHACKER team attended the 2018 CS100 Summit and had such a good time they had to come back in 2019 – as the Platinum Sponsor. As a bootstrapped consulting firm, the SuccessHACKER team is very particular about where they spend marketing budgets, but the CS100 Summit was not to be missed. 

According to Andrew, the CS100 Summit sets itself apart from event competition by:

  • Treating attendees to a truly spectacular venue and setting. 
  • Keeping crowds intimate (around 125 people) to make networking feel more personal. 
  • Relying on engaging conversations and activities instead of ‘death by PowerPoint’. 
  • Giving sponsors a chance to connect with and engage every single attendee. 
  • Putting the top minds in the customer success space in a single room for idea sharing. 

For first time CS100 Summit attendees, Andrew’s advice is right to the point: absorb and enjoy every minute and be open to meeting new people. The Summit is not a typical conference where the sessions are just vendors going up to pitch their products. These are executives and thought leaders with serious experience sharing what they are going through in a formal setting. Events like the CS100 Summit are structured to give attendees the chance to connect with people on a personal level, making it unlike any other conference out there. 

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